The best South Carolina beers are the ones we enjoy with friends, and there’s no better place than the breweries that craft them.


From Spartanburg to Abbeville, Anderson to Greenville, the Upcountry is a region that knows how to brew beer. The counties of the I-85 corridor make up a quirky region replete with gorgeous national parks, a quartet of major rivers, hundreds of waterfalls …and a plethora of microbreweries.

Piedmont Area

The hilly portion of the Piedmont Plateau that runs through the Palmetto State is a relatively flat yet rocky area with both a rural past and a rapidly industrializing present. The geographic nature of the region is as diverse as its craft beer selection. Brewed by a creative bunch, the diverse array of local lagers, ales, and stouts from the Piedmont Area are sure to have a winner for each individual preference.

The Lowcountry

The South Carolina Lowcountry is a region dripping with nostalgia. Its unique combination of gorgeous natural ecosystems and historic districts attract an endless procession of visitors and hobbyists. The residents of the region’s growing cities regularly slake their desire for craft beer and have come to deeply appreciate the many microbrewery communities that surround them.


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