About Us

We love the local South Carolina craft culture, from the beer it brews to the community it creates. We’re here to support and promote local breweries as the craft beer movement continues to prosper in our home state.

South Carolina is already an iconic part of American culture. From its shrimp and grits to its southern flare, the Palmetto State has a deeply-rooted cultural heritage — one that also includes world-class beer, too!

At South Carolina Beer we don’t brew the beer ourselves — although we’re all too ready to drink it when we can. Our goal is simple: to shine the spotlight on the local craftsmen who are plying their potable trade day in and day out. 

Our founders are a group of marketing experts with over two decades of combined experience. The South Carolina Beer team has the track record and the know-how to bring genuine attention to any top-tier beer brewed right in our home state.

While we love sales and subscriptions — both of which are a great part of the craft brew experience — we want more for our clients. At the end of the day, we want to see local breweries packed to the brim with friends and family, laughing as they enjoy a lovingly brewed stout or chatting over an award-winning lager. We think everyone can agree that few things in life are better than that.

A talented team with a simple goal

When you break it down, our goals are pretty simple. We’re here to:

  • Build awareness for local South Carolina breweries and their beers;
  • Help each brewer build their brand, customer base, and ultimately their bottom line;
  • Lead grassroots movements to change Southern legislation currently restricting local breweries.

Boost awareness, build brands, and create a smoother legal path for brewers across the state. It’s a mission that is as simple as it is delicious.

What’s next?

2020 saw a lot of change — often for the worse — for many regional breweries. Together, the craft beer community can help restore a sense of pre-pandemic growth that will keep the South Carolina microbrewery scene alive and well for years to come. 

We want to build a community in South Carolina that loves local brews as much as we do and that will spark a beer revolution in the Palmetto State. If that isn’t worthy of a toast, we don’t know what is.


Don’t forget the merch! If you’re a brewery looking to make your mark on the larger craft scene, you’re going to want more than a logo, a label, and a sign on your brewery. We can help you design and manufacture shirts, caps, hoodies, bottle openers, coolers, and tons of other hoppy-happy merchandise that distinctly belongs to you and your brew.


Brewers are welcome! If you’re a craftsman, our team is standing by to talk. Contact us with your marketing-related woes and we’ll be ready with reinforcements. From content creation to marketing campaigns, we’ll do everything we can to grow that foot traffic, boost those sales, and take your revenue to all-new levels. A handful of our services include:

  • Video creation;
  • Email campaigns;
  • Local and regional marketing;
  • Consulting and strategy creation.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to talk over a pint!