Baker & Brewer

In 2011, Joel Carl, Sean Nemitz and Chris Brown partnered with Mac Minaudo to form Holy City Brewing. The Charleston craft beer scene was only a fledgling venture and they saw this as an opportunity to bring their passion to the open market. The brewery now makes 6,000 barrels of beer per year and is on the brink of yet another massive expansion with a new production facility off Spruill Avenue. The 5 barrel brewhouse located at Baker & Brewer is viewed as a creative engine for Holy City; get ready for a whole new line-up of experimental house brews. Over the years HCB has participated in many collaborations, this is the biggest of them yet. Whether from the kettle or the oven, you are in for a treat at Baker & Brewer.

Beers We Brew

7.5% Baker & Brewer Calculon Quadrupel / Abt
6.8% Baker & Brewer Clover Stout
7.2% Baker & Brewer Bee Punny Tripel
6.1% Baker & Brewer Johnny Gruit